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#SportDiplomacyAcademy online meeting
On 15th of December part of the #SportDiplomacyAcademy met in online environment to discuss on how the diplomats are going, how is the sport in our country overcoming this unexpected situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and possible resume of the project activities.

During the meeting, the participants has shared different practices that the sport clubs and federations has adopted during the challenging times in 2020 and has highlighted the good practices implemented in the sector such as FIBA "Bubble" model and Rolla application.

Sport Diplomacy Academy project is a legacy of recent First Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018 and focus on Western Balkans lot as a logical follow up of all implemented #EU2018BG. Main activities: prioritizing the EU perspective and connectivity of the WB, referring to the SofiaDeclaration and Sofia Priority Agenda. Both #EU and WB partners should continue to invest efforts in strengthening the cooperation and good practices exchange, focused on democracy, security and fundamental rights. Project will ensure the educational mobility of coaches and other staff of sport organisations (incl. volunteers) linked to professional and grassroots sport. The 4 modules of mobility, held in each one of the partners countries with the same group of participants from the project target group will improve their competences as well as their qualifications and acquire new skills through learning mobility and spending a period of time in a foreign country (in and outside of the EU). Learning mobility will be an investment in human capital and a contribution to the capacity building of sport organisations with clear focus on building a network of well-trained sport diplomats.

Sport Diplomacy Academy