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SportDiplomacyAcademy project presented in Burgas
In September, 2019 (22.09) SC Lighthouse was invited to participate in a series of events as part of the “Burgas Run” Festival (Fb: Burgas Run) and we took the chance to increase popularity of “Sports diplomacy academy” (SDA) project organized by Bulgarian sports development association (BSDA).
The festival was organized as a one-day event with a series of workshops, physical activity sessions, discussion and presentations of over 25 NGO’s and national agencies active in the field of sport and youth. During the event there was a forum panel “Otkrito” organized by the team behind “Hamalogika” – a youth hub in Burgas.

One of the main sport events was a 5km charitable run passing through the city centre and Sea Garden where over 350 people participated. Wheelchair users with supporters also passed the whole distance and during the day, there was a special “Parents and strollers run” organized by the team.

SC Lighthouse participated in all of the events, holding a number of physical activity sessions for kids and adults, had a special panel about “Sports and life motivation” in the discussion forum and also supported wheelchair users in the 5km event.

During the day we:
  • held info sessions regarding the participation in the SDA project, the participating organizations and context
  • disseminated leaflets and talked about the aims, objectives and priorities of the project,
  • explained how Bulgarian sports development association is involved in the youth and sport sector (rerouted them to check webpage and social media), previous engagements, etc.

Social media activity reached over 75,000 followers for the last month and we believe that more people will be interested in the results and outputs of SDA.

Following the end of the project we have set eyes to organize a presentation in Burgas, to further disseminate outputs, engage stakeholders and youth participants.

Sport Diplomacy Academy