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Tokat Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports
Sport organization
+90 356 214 33 09
Tokat Youth Center which is a branch of our institution; organize activities to improve the youth’s socially and culturally. Tokat Youth Center also provide modern well-built and well-equipped buildings which can easily be used by every part of society and popularize them. It also prepares national and international activities for youth to help them learn their culture, social life. As well these, it provides some educational seminars for young people to express themselves better in the society.

Tokat Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports are carrying on activities coordinated by Youth and Sport Municipality General Directorate of Youth and Sport. General Directorate of Youth and Sport and our directorate as well has taken missions like these:

  • Govern and lead the citizens’ physical education which provide psychical, enthusiasm and energy for them, games, gymnastic and sportive activities,

  • Program the domestic and foreign sport activities of the schools of Ministry of Education, establish the bases of sport activities and provide enough equipment for these activities,

  • Plan, program, organize and improve the scouting at off-school. Train sport directors, trainers, referees, monitors, sports people and educate them and help them to raise in number as well.

  • Take the necessary measurement about the sportspeople’s health and open health care centers for sportspeople, take the procedures about the sportpeople’s insurance.

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