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Centro Universitario Sportivo di Padova
Sport organization
CUS Padova is the Sport Association of the University of Padova. Since 1946, we have been promoting sport activities as essential cultural and educational means for students, trainers and university staff to develop transversal and integrated skills and we have been supporting the practice and the diffusion of physical education as part of amateur sports.

In the development of our activities, we benefit of the sponsorship of several University Departments and we work within the following networks: CUSI (Italian University Sports Centre); FISU (International University Sports Federation) and EUSA (European University Sports Association).

CUS Padova is one of the best-structured sport organization of the territory with 5.000 members enrolled, of which 900 athletes, 1.400 students playing amateur sports and several people playing a variety of leisure activities. CUS Padova manages two sport facilities with sixteen sections of competitive sports: Athletics, Rugby, Field hockey, Fencing, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, Cross-country skiing, Female Futsal, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, Skeet shooting, Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball.
At CUS Padova, we foster children, youth and adult education through cultural courses. We supply services for schools, implementing at the local level research and training programmes to develop active citizenship and leadership of young people. We organise socio-cultural initiatives and leisure activities in favour of the shareholders, members and participants enrolled. We carry out training projects for technicians, sport managers and students as well as for disadvantaged people. We especially organise adapted sport activities for people with disabilities: the first University Italian wheelchair basketball team plays here. Finally, we support training of trainers’ programmes for social inclusion of disabled people, like courses for Sports Instructors for disabled people.

Since 1988, we have been promoting international and national events of amateur and competitive sport and, in our sports facilities, European and International students’ exchanges take place every year. Sport events are also the occasion to promote gender equality in sports, social inclusion and to raise awareness on the importance of health enhancing physical activity.

In 2014, CUS Padova started working within the Erasmus+ Programme, especially in the field of youth and sport. This new experience gave us the opportunity to get in contact with many European Organisations working in our same field of interest and to start new and fruitful collaborations.
Sport Diplomacy Academy
Katina Simeonova
Tennis coach and chairman of “Path of wish” NGO, Bulgaria
My first project I have ever taken part in and it was properly chosen. I met a lot of good friends there, I learnt a plenty of new knowledge. I will always be grateful to all people who made that project come true. Life changing event! Thank you!
Jasmin Pandur
Master of Sports and Health, and PhD student of kinesiology at University Dzemal Bijedic Mostar, Sports director of SD Reflex
 Great project with no ending, what we gain at this models we will have forever. Great friendships,great knowledge, great memories which will always remain me that we must be open minded to new people and opportunities. I will be open for projects and meetings with this great crew from 4 different countries.
Vanja Subašić
Principal in elementary school and basketball coach in B.C. WBS Teslić, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Chance for personal growth in field of knowing possibilities of how to use sport as tool for diplomacy when needed. Also it was place where I could meet sport workers from my and three different counties and share knowledge and experience in the field of sport. My network of new partners in SDA is something very precious to me. Speakers brought their ideas, knowledge and experience in the way of motivation.
Filip Dujlovic
Volleyball couch and scout at Haok Mladost Zagreb
Great project with no ending, what we gain at this modules we will have forever. Great friendships, great knowledge, great memories which will always remain me that we must be open minded to new people and opportunities. I will be open for projects and meetings with this great crew from 4 different countries.  
Darko Pirc
Athlete, coach and president Cross Sport Delnice
For me the sport of Diplomacy Academy is one big family where connection, supporting each other is one of the greatest virtues. The goal is to empower sports, to network sports experts and the sector.
Leo Smrekar
Fencing expert and student of Physical Conditioning of Athletes in Zagreb, Croatia
Exceptional opportunity to gain competences complementary to my study of Physical Conditioning of Athletes. I met a lot of persons related to sport from different countries, made friendships, learned about other sports and topics that will help me in future professional life.
Adela Kulic
President and coach in Association for sport and recreation Vitruvius, Zagreb, Croatia
Great experience! Learn a lot, and met new friends and future project’s partners.  
Haris Idriz
Former Basketball player and coach in Spars Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 An excellent project, loads of information, great people involved in sports, great tool to use in sports and in life.
Sara Brivio
Student at Milano University in Social Policies, member of ASD Oltretutto97, sport association for people with disability
Sport Diplomacy Academy is the best opportunity I have ever had to grow as a person and to learn a lot. I met amazing people who really inspire me and I am grateful to this project for every moment we spent together. 
Marco Vailati
Student, basketball player and coach, Italy
 SDA is a great project with a lot of people from different countries. It makes a lot of connection between all the participants and it helps me to know new things on sport.  
Alessia Ceresoli
Student of Educacion Science for Sport in the University of Bergamo, athlete of basketball
 Sport Diplomacy Academy for me is a big opportunity to learn, to know and to grow. All the people I knew makes me learn something new and I’m really grateful.
Luca Amadessi
Italian dreamer, AL2 Sport co-founder and sports events organizer
 An opportunity to grow up, learn and increase the European network in the sport environment.
Stefano Zaniboni
Passionate student and world travelling lover
Mihail Dadov
Personal trainer and athlete
Way to understand some core aspects of sport movement in political aspects, understanding European principles in sports and sports organisations and good practices as well 
Raya Ivanova
Sports journalist and football referree
 Amazing experience  
Ivaylo Zdravkov
Golf coach, sport expert